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Power Your Green Future: Sustainable Biofuel Solutions from T.H. Malloy

At T.H. Malloy, we're leading the charge for cleaner energy in Rhode Island and Southern Massachusetts. Our high-quality biofuels offer a potent blend of environmental responsibility and powerful performance, fueling homes and businesses with a greener future. Whether you're looking to reduce your carbon footprint or simply explore more sustainable options, T.H. Malloy is your trusted partner for biofuel solutions that make a difference.

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Our Benefits

Breathe Easier, Live Greener

Join the eco-friendly revolution and enjoy numerous benefits with our biofuel services.

Reduced Emissions

Our biofuels produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions compared to traditional fuels, aiding in the fight against climate change.

Sustainable Energy Source

Biofuels are derived from renewable resources, enhancing your energy sustainability while reducing dependency on fossil fuels.

Economic Efficiency

Biofuels, as a renewable energy source, offer potential cost savings over time due to their more efficient combustion and lower environmental impact.

Go Beyond Green: Our Commitment to Sustainability

Choosing T.H. Malloy's biofuels isn't just about fuel, it's about actively reducing your environmental footprint. We champion cleaner energy solutions and actively promote sustainable practices across the region.

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Quality You Can Trust, Performance You Can Rely On

Never sacrifice performance for eco-friendliness. Our biofuels are rigorously tested and exceed industry standards, ensuring exceptional quality and reliable energy delivery.

Your Partner in Green Choices: Expert Guidance and Support

Unsure where to start? Our knowledgeable team provides expert advice and personalized support, helping you navigate the options and find the perfect biofuel solution for your needs.

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Our Process

3 Steps to Uninterrupted Comfort: The T.H. Malloy Advantage

Schedule Heating System Inspection

Schedule a FREE inspection where our certified technicians analyze your heating system. We'll identify any needs, recommend energy-saving upgrades, and ensure your system delivers optimal warmth.

Choose Your Service Plan

Choose the perfect fit for your budget and priorities. From reliable fuel delivery to 24/7 emergency support and expert system maintenance, we have a plan to keep your home comfortable year-round.

Unwind in Worry-Free Warmth

Let T.H. Malloy handle the heavy lifting. We'll monitor your system remotely, dispatch technicians for maintenance as needed, and be there in a flash for any emergencies.

Thousands of Heated Homes

Read what our satisfied customers have to say

"We used T. H. Malloy & Sons back in the eighties when we lived in Cumberland RI. They haven’t changed in forty years!!!  Still reliable,  reasonable, and a pleasure to do business with!"
"Just purchased our home and got a friendly note from Hank that they had been servicing our home for over 30 years with the past owners."
"T.H. Malloy & Sons have been a joy to work with and they truly go above and beyond to ensure communication, professionalism, and top quality work. My basement was spotless after the install of a new oil tank!!"
"Without Hank's diligence, concern, and excellent customer service, we risked our new house having burst pipes and extensive water damage. He saved us from stress, unexpected costs, and damage to our new house. What a way to start service with a new company!"
"I recently switched to TH Malloy and could not be happier with their service. They have been welcoming, responsive, and reliable. Most importantly, they are incredibly kind."
"My childcare center unexpectedly ran out of oil on a very cold morning. I called T.H. Malloy to let them know and see if we could get a delivery. As soon as they found out there were children on site, they rerouted their delivery scheduled to make a delivery within an hour."
"We have been with Malloy since we purchased the house 23 years ago  Never  have had a single problem with them, a couple time we had  boiler problems and they came right out.  The personal in the office and the techs that come to our home have always been very polite and help! Would never think for a second of changing companies!"

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