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For nearly 90 years, the Malloy family has been at the forefront of the fuel business, providing a blend of personal service and reliability in Rhode Island and Southern Massachusetts.

Our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction is matched only by our expertise in a diverse range of energy solutions, including home heating, and on- and off-road diesel/biodiesel deliveries for transportation.

As Rhode Island's leading biodiesel distributor and proud consumer, we not only address contemporary energy challenges but also ensure reduced emissions and costs with biodiesel.

TH Malloy Employees Gathered In Front of Company Trucks

Meet Tom Malloy and Karin Fleming

Tom Malloy, alongside Karin Fleming, steers T.H. Malloy with a legacy of over 85 years in the fuel business, offering an array of services from residential and commercial heating to specialized fuel deliveries. Rooted in Rhode Island and Southern Massachusetts, our 24/7 service embodies a blend of traditional family values and modern energy solutions, including biodiesel and propane. From our founder, Thomas Henry Malloy, to the current fourth generation, we embody a commitment to excellence and community, ensuring each client feels like part of the Malloy family.

"I have worked here at T.H. Malloy for over 20 years!  It has by far been the best job I have ever had.  The Malloy family are the most genuine, generous, hardworking family I know.  They truly care about their employees, customers, and their families.  I cannot tell you how many generations of families we have here as customers.  Just today, an older gentleman came into the office to schedule his annual maintenance.  He was telling us he has been a customer here since he first moved to Cumberland, 67 years ago.  He was Tommy's dad's first customer he had the privilege of helping become a customer.  It is not every day you can be a part of such a great conversation.  So, thank you Tom for carrying on the tradition that the Malloys do so well!"
- Karin Fleming

Meet Jack Malloy: The Next Generation at T.H. Malloy

Jack Malloy represents the fourth generation of the Malloy family's commitment to quality energy solutions. Growing up with a passion for the family business, he chose a hands-on approach over college, opting for trade school to delve deeper into the industry. As a service tech at T.H. Malloy and Sons, Jack embodies the spirit of teamwork and customer connection that defines the company. He's at the forefront of adapting the business to contemporary needs, spearheading initiatives in propane and Mini Splits, ensuring T.H. Malloy evolves alongside the changing world. Jack's dedication to maintaining the close-knit, family-run ethos of T.H. Malloy makes him a crucial part of the team, always aiming to enhance service quality and customer relations.

Introducing Hank Demers: The Family-Focused Salesman at T.H. Malloy

Hank Demers, with over a decade at T.H. Malloy, stands as a testament to the company's commitment to family-oriented service. As a versatile salesman, Hank specializes in setting up various accounts, including diesel, propane, AC, and installation services, embodying the spirit of a family business. His approach to customer relationships goes beyond transactions; he sees each client as a part of the extended Malloy family. Hank's dedication to personal and engaging service makes him an invaluable asset to T.H. Malloy, ensuring each customer feels more like a family member than just a number.

Craig Emerson: 22 Years of Dedicated Service at T.H. Malloy

As the Service Manager at T.H. Malloy, Craig Emerson has spent 22 years fostering strong customer relationships and creating a family-like atmosphere. He values the company's personal approach, seeing both his team and clients as part of an extended family. Craig's commitment to customer satisfaction, expertise in evolving heating and cooling technologies, and his role in expanding T.H. Malloy's referral network illustrate his vital contribution to the company's success and customer comfort.

Meet Bill Santoro: The Dynamic Force in T.H. Malloy's Trucking and Dispatching

Bill Santoro manages trucking and dispatch at T.H. Malloy, enjoying the varied and lively nature of his work. He appreciates the family feel of the company and the teamwork involved in growing the business, especially in areas like oil and propane.

Our Commitment to Community and Education

In the heart of TH Malloy lies a commitment to community and education. Each year, we proudly offer the TH Malloy Scholarship, honoring Tommy's father by awarding two $1,000 college scholarships to students from Lincoln and Cumberland high schools.

Our dedication extends to charitable causes as well; our annual Christmas party raffle recently raised $700 for the Family Literacy Center in Lincoln. These initiatives are integral to our ethos, reflecting our deep-rooted belief in supporting education and enriching our community.

Pictured are Jack Malloy, scholarship recipient Hanna Turgeon, Ryan Fleming, and Tommy Malloy.

TH Malloy Employees in Office Lobby

Thousands of Heated Homes

Read what our satisfied customers have to say

"We used T. H. Malloy & Sons back in the eighties when we lived in Cumberland RI. They haven’t changed in forty years!!!  Still reliable,  reasonable, and a pleasure to do business with!"
"Just purchased our home and got a friendly note from Hank that they had been servicing our home for over 30 years with the past owners."
"T.H. Malloy & Sons have been a joy to work with and they truly go above and beyond to ensure communication, professionalism, and top quality work. My basement was spotless after the install of a new oil tank!!"
"Without Hank's diligence, concern, and excellent customer service, we risked our new house having burst pipes and extensive water damage. He saved us from stress, unexpected costs, and damage to our new house. What a way to start service with a new company!"
"I recently switched to TH Malloy and could not be happier with their service. They have been welcoming, responsive, and reliable. Most importantly, they are incredibly kind."
"My childcare center unexpectedly ran out of oil on a very cold morning. I called T.H. Malloy to let them know and see if we could get a delivery. As soon as they found out there were children on site, they rerouted their delivery scheduled to make a delivery within an hour."
"We have been with Malloy since we purchased the house 23 years ago  Never  have had a single problem with them, a couple time we had  boiler problems and they came right out.  The personal in the office and the techs that come to our home have always been very polite and help! Would never think for a second of changing companies!"

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