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URI Alumni Magazine
May 22, 2015

Two pioneering companies have been recognized for cutting carbon emissions, reducing the use of petroleum, and promoting and utilizing alternative fuels, all while powering a fleet of vehicles to run their businesses.
URI’s Ocean State Clean Cities Coalition recognized Malloy Energy in Cumberland and Newport Biodiesel in Newport, along with Oakhurst Dairy in Maine and New Hampshire, the City of Boston, the City of Nashua, N.H., the University of Vermont, and the Greater Portland Transit District in Portland, Maine.
“Malloy Energy and Newport Biodiesel show what an amazing impact small business can have in our state. Both companies stand out as regional leaders in the alternative fuel industry,” said Wendy Lucht, Ocean State Clean Cities coordinator.
Malloy Energy and Newport Biodiesel were selected because 100 percent of their vehicle fleets run on biodiesel. Malloy’s vehicles used nearly 7,800 gallons of biodiesel fuel instead of diesel in 2014, while Newport Biodiesel vehicles used approximately 7,500 gallons of biodiesel.

Malloy now offers propane service

T.H. Malloy & Sons, 106 Scott Road, Cumberland, now offers propane services to its customers. Home delivery services now help many of their oil customers who use propane for cooking and clothes drying. Now, Malloy can serve heating needs, too, as well as propane tank exchanges for grilling until 4:30 p.m. weekdays. In photo are, from left, Jim Malloy, Consultant for  Biodiesel; Craig Emerson, Service Manager, and Tom Malloy, President.

The Valley Breeze
June 12, 2014

CUMBERLAND - Energy is energy, right? And so when T. H. Malloy & Sons of 106 Scott Road, a full service oil delivery company in business since 1935, started getting inquiries about propane, they wondered "Why not?"
Says third generation owner Tom Malloy III, a few years ago several customers began to ask him when Malloy might offer propane sales. After all, the Malloy trucks had been delivering their oil for years.
After doing some research, the family business took the plunge, offering delivery of propane to many of their customers, old and new.
"Many of our customers are comfortable with us. They have oil deliveries now, but they also have a propane tank for cooking and gas dryers. Now, we can handle it all," said Malloy.
In fact, for residents nearby during grilling season, Malloy & Sons now has propane tank exchange services for those small tanks used for grilling. During the summer, they are open from 6 a.m to 6 p.m. weekdays, so there is still time to do a propane tank exchange after work. They are closed weekends.

With the shale gas boom in the United States, many have heard about the lower cost of natural gas. Propane, however, is not natural gas, but a by-product of gas production. Malloy cautions residents who think propane might be cheaper for heating their homes.
"Propane today costs about $3.30 per gallon, and that sounds good compared to the nearly $3.59 per gallon for home heating oil," says Service Manager Craig Emerson.
But don't be fooled. A gallon of heating oil delivers much more heat - 136,500 BTUs for fuel oil, than a gallon of propane which delivers only 91,502 BTUs of heat, according to Emerson.
So what does that mean?
'Basically, if you find propane for $3 per gallon, it's the same as fuel oil costing $4.50 per gallon," says Emerson. "So buyers need to be careful about the prospect of switching to propane to heat a home," said Emerson.
As for Malloy's home heating oil, it now contains 5 percent of the "greener" Newport Biodiesel, using recycled restaurant oil from eateries in the state. This allows for less use of more costly foreign oil, as well as lower emissions.
For more information about Malloy & Sons heating or propane services, phone 401-333-0665, or visit .

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