Newport Biodiesel Expands

  • By Karin Fleming
  • 21 Sep, 2017
This article originally appeared on Fuel Oil News

As biodiesel proponents continue working to build a bigger market for the fuel, Newport Biodiesel has expanded its production capabilities, adding storage and investing in a methane recovery system to make its plant more efficient, says Robert Morton, a founder, chairman of the board, and one of 25 shareholders in the company in Newport, R.I.

Established in 2007, Newport Biodiesel collects used vegetable oil from 3,200 restaurants. Its annual production volume, 100,000 gallons in the early going, today exceeds five million gallons, Morton says.

Recent capital investments are designed to stabilize and grow production so that the company can crank out seven to ten million gallons a year by 2020. “We just put in two big storage tanks and a methanol recovery system,” Morton says. The capacity of each of the new storage tanks is 30,000 gallons. The methanol recovery system is critical. “It makes our plant much more efficient, and we don’t have to buy as much methanol,” Morton says. “When you make biodiesel, you take used cooking oil and you mix it with methanol. The methanol is the single biggest expense that we have in the process. By being able to recover it we can reuse it and we can cut down the amount of methanol that we have to buy.”

Newport Biodiesel is active in promoting biodiesel as well. Morton serves on the marketing committee of the National Biodiesel Board (NBB), the U.S. trade association representing the biodiesel and renewable diesel industries, including producers, feedstock suppliers and fuel distributors. A former oceanographer, Morton is involved with an organization that operates SSV (Sailing School Vessel) Oliver Hazard Perry, a 200-foot ocean-going full-rigged ship that was completed this year and set off on a voyage from New England to Florida and Cuba. Before departure, the ship took on 6,000 gallons of B20 at Newport Shipyard. Fuel marketer T.H. Malloy & Sons, Cumberland, R.I., delivered the B20, produced by Newport Biodiesel, to the ship.

The marine market should be a promising one for biodiesel. “But it’s a little bit difficult because of the experience the marine market had with ethanol,” Morton says, “which was really pretty bad.” Efforts to explain how biodiesel is different from ethanol sometimes founder on the concerns potential marine users have, based on their experience with ethanol, he says. An additional challenge to wider use of biodiesel in the marine market is limited distribution.

“What we find is there are people who say they want to use biodiesel, but they can’t find a place to get it,” Morton says. On the other hand, he says, “The marinas would have to dedicate a tank to biodiesel and they’re not sure there are enough customers for it. So, it’s a chicken-and-egg situation here trying to get it started. The Oliver Hazard Perry is a good way to show that biodiesel can work.”

Ferries and fishing boats are promising potential users, Morton says. “We’re working to get some ferries to use it, and some fishing boats, and try to build it up over time.” All the ferries in the Seattle market use biodiesel, Morton says.

New York City is weighing the use of biodiesel for its ferries, including the Staten Island Ferry, Morton says.

T.H. Malloy & Sons, the fuel marketer in Rhode Island that delivered the biodiesel to the ship, is a longtime marketer and promoter of the fuel, pre-dating the establishment of Newport Biodiesel, and has worked with Newport Biodiesel all along, Morton says. “They’ve been our partners from day one.”

Biofuel blended with low-sulfur heating oil, promoted as Bioheat, “could be the real way that the heating oil industry survives,” Morton says. “The challenge is logistics—how [marketers] get the biodiesel into their tanks. It’s a real logistics issue to get biodiesel out to the small distributors. That’s one of the things that we’re working on—how to do that better.”

Promotion of B20 rests in large part on research by the National Oilheat Research Alliance showing that B20 burns more cleanly—with less greenhouse gas and particulate emissions—than natural gas, Morton points out.

“Biodiesel does depend on government support and the big issues now are what EPA is doing with the RVOs [required volume obligations under the Renewable Fuel Standard], whether or not there’s a tax credit and how to deal with Argentinian biodiesel,” Morton says. Blenders had received a tax credit, which expired. Producers are lobbying for a tax credit for producers. (For more on biodiesel shipments from Argentina, and how they affect the U.S. biodiesel market, see sidebar.)

“All these are things are issues to get past and then we can work on infrastructure and make it more available to the typical distributor,” Morton says.—Stephen Bennett


Pictured on Home Page: Robert Morton, founder and chairman of Newport Biodiesel, with T.H. Malloy & Sons driver Kyle Rodrigues.

Pictured above: The SSV Oliver Hazard Perry

Photos by Onne van der Wal

Stephen Bennett is the editor of Fuel Oil News.

By Karin Fleming 04 Dec, 2017

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Fall is the perfect time of year to give your heating system a tune-up. Before chilly autumn nights give way to frigid winter ones, you’ll want your heating system to be up for the task ahead.  T.H. Malloy Energy  is a full-service heating company that offers tune-ups as well as system upgrades and replacements. These services could save you a lot of money in the long run, and more importantly, keep you and your family safe. Here are the kinds of things we look for when performing maintenance on your heating system:

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By Karin Fleming 25 Sep, 2017

Biodiesel is a renewable and clean burning fuel source that is made from used (recycled) vegetable oils, animal fats, or recycled restaurant grease. It is said to produce less pollution and greenhouse gas than standard petroleum diesel formulations and has many other benefits for consumers.

Renewable energy: Unlike petroleum products that have the potential to vanish in the coming years, biodiesel is a renewable energy source and can be locally produced on-demand.

No engine modification required: One of the best things about biodiesel is that it can be used in an existing diesel engine with little to no modification required. Because of this, it can replace other fossil fuels used in standard diesel formulations. It also improves the lubrication in the engine and thus can increase the life of the vehicle.

Less greenhouse gases : When fossil fuels are burned, gases like carbon dioxide are released into the atmosphere. Over time this raises the atmospheric temperature which has been connected with global warming.

Go local: One quarter of all the fossil fuel used in the United States are purchased from foreign suppliers. By contrast, biodiesel is manufactured with local products, thereby eliminating our reliance on foreign oil.

Less pollution: Standard crude oil must be refined before it can be used in diesel engines. This process releases many harmful toxins in the air causing greenhouse gases. Because biodiesels use vegetable and animal oils, the refining process releases less toxic chemicals into the environment.

Eco-friendly: Biofuels release less carbon into the atmosphere, so they are better for the environment.

At T.H. Malloy & Sons , we are proud to offer our customers biodiesel as a fuel alternative. Our fuel is manufactured by Newport Biodiesel, using recycled cooking oil from restaurants right here in Rhode Island. This eliminates a waste stream, therefore the product is used cradle to grave.

In addition to being eco-friendly, our biodiesel is approved by the US Department of Transportation and is ASTM certified. It can be used in homes, buses, pick-up trucks, heavy equipment and marine vehicles as well as any other equipment with a standard diesel engine.

Are you interested in learning more about this green fuel solution ? Contact us today to find out if biodiesel is right for your fuel needs.

By Karin Fleming 21 Sep, 2017
This article originally appeared on Fuel Oil News
By Karin Fleming 09 Aug, 2017

Our story began in 1935 with Tom and Mae Malloy in the villages of Ashton and Berkeley, delivering home heating fuel to their neighbors and friends in Cumberland, Rhode Island. Tom continued his father’s dream for over fifty years. Our story continues with Tom’s children, Tom, Jim and Brett Malloy with the belief in the same values and work ethic that T.H. Malloy was founded.

T.H. Malloy and Sons, Inc. has grown to a company that still specializes in home heating delivery and service throughout all of Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts. Propane and motor fuels make us more diverse in the heating industry and heating and cooling installations enable us to be known as a full-service heating company.  

Tom Malloy lives with his two children in Cumberland, Rhode Island. Carrying on his father’s quiet strength and integrity as President of T.H. Malloy & Sons, Tom believes in the value of this family-owned and operated company.

May of this past year, T.H. Malloy lost a great man, Thomas J. Malloy. The Malloy family appreciates all the support over these past few months. T.H. Malloy will continue in his memory.

Karin Fleming

By Karin Fleming 07 Aug, 2017

T. H. Malloy is a full service heating company serving Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts. We’ve been in business since 1935, delivering home heating fuel, marine fuel, diesel fuel, and propane, and are here to help you with all of your heating and air conditioning needs. Offering everything from installation and maintenance, to delivery with competitive pricing, T. H. Malloy is your full service home heating company.

Home Bio-Heat B20 Fuels

Bio-Heat is a locally produced blend of #2 heating oil which provides a safe and clean heating source, and is more energy-efficient. By choosing Bio-Heat, you are choosing to help our planet by selecting a renewable energy source. At T. H. Malloy, we choose Bio-Heat because we are committed to reducing America’s dependence on foreign oil and to creating more American jobs.

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Air Conditioning Services

For over 20 years, the pros at T. H. Malloy have been providing services for all of your air conditioning needs. From choosing the right size and model unit to best cool your home, to keeping it working like new, we have the expertise and experience to keep you and your family cool and comfortable. Older AC units can become quite costly, as newer models are much more energy-efficient and reliable. Often, the cost of a new model is quickly recouped in energy savings

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By Karin Fleming 26 Jun, 2017
Fuel is the power source for almost everything we do. It allows us to get from point A to point B, runs machinery and keeps our world moving ahead. At  T.H. Malloy & Sons we are privileged to provide Rhode Island with the fuel needed to keep running strong. 


T.H. Malloy & Sons has been serving Rhode Island and Southern Massachusetts since 1935. Our family owned and operated business has grown a lot since then, offering full-service home heating and on- and off-road diesel and biodiesel. Our commitment to Rhode Island and the surrounding area has made us the State’s leading distributor and consumer of biodiesel.

Home Fueling

We offer our customers conventional heating fuel, BioHeat, B20 BioHeat and B100. BioHeat is a combination of #2 heating oil and locally produced Biodiesel. Our fuel is so efficient, it requires no modifications. It also provides a cleaner, more complete and energy efficient burn. BioHeat is also a renewable energy source that is biodegradable and appropriate for sensitive environments. And, because it is made right here in the United States it reduces our dependency on foreign oil.

The energy efficient products we offer save the customer money while providing comfort for their home. We can also provide hydro-air services, radiant heating and domestic hot water installation for high efficiency heating. And, convenient “will call” delivery service ensures you never go without. We also provide convenient budgeting and cap pricing so there aren’t any unwanted surprises.

Air conditioning services

With over two decades of air conditioning services, T.H. Malloy can help you choose the perfect system for your cooling needs. Our expert team can assist you in sizing your air conditioning system to the needs of the space while considering the aesthetics as well as your personal needs.

Business and fleet services

Whether your business needs are on land or sea, T.H. Malloy & Sons can provide the fueling you need. We offer on and off-road delivery services as well as fleet fueling with on-site delivery. We are also Coast Guard certified from Long Island Sound to Boston. And, just like our home heating services, we offer a variety of fuel choices including Eco-Friendly Biofuel and Biodiesel.

If you are looking for fuel for your home, business, or fleet, contact the experts and T.H. Malloy & Sons for a free estimate.

By Karin Fleming 31 May, 2017

Tom Malloy has been a local business man in Rhode Island for over sixty years. Thomas H. Malloy & Sons, Inc. was founded in 1935 by Tom’s parents Tom and Mae Malloy. Over the past six decades, Tom has been a pioneer in the fuel industry, growing the business from pedaling kerosene throughout the villages of Ashton and Berkeley to a full service energy company to include home heating, motor fuels, propane, boiler and air conditioning service, and generator service. Over the past ten years, Tom was instrumental to introducing and expanding biodiesel fuel to Rhode Island through T.H. Malloy and his sons, Jim and Tom Malloy.

Tom has been a Cumberland resident his entire life. Married to Joan for over fifty-three years, Tom and Joan were blessed with three children, Tom, Jim and Brett and five grandchildren, Tommy, Jack, Wyatt, Kaya, and EllaMae. Tom enjoyed his simple, humble life, taking care of the business daily and spending time on the weekends with Joan and friends on Cape Cod.

Through the years, Tom has had many successes and accomplishments with T.H. Malloy. An active member of the Oil Heat Institute of Rhode Island, Tom was inducted into their Hall of Fame in 2007. Other recent acknowledgements and awards include:

  1. Northeast Diesel Collaborative Breathe Easy Leadership Award in 2015 for his outstanding efforts to reduce diesel emissions through his work with biodiesel;

  2. Northern Star of New England Clean Cities in 2014 for his successful collaboration with Newport Biodiesel to promote and utilize alternative fuels while powering a fleet of vehicles to run their business;

  3. Reader’s Choice Award in 2014 for outstanding customer service in the heating and air conditioning industry; and

  4. Citizens Energy Community Service Award in 2008 for Tom’s commitment to helping the residents of Rhode Island in need.

Because of Tom’s quiet strength, integrity and leadership, T.H. Malloy will continue on in his memory. He will be sadly missed by his family and friends. His grandson, Tom Malloy will accept this award on his behalf.

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