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Full service home heating, motor, marine & diesel fuels

"I recently purchased property and was in the process of screening tenants and dealing with inspectors/contractors at the same time; I completely overlooked the oil levels at the time. It was late Friday afternoon when I realized I was out of oil and there was a pending snow storm that weekend. After calling many various oil companies, I reached T.H Malloy & Sons in Cumberland, RI. I explained my dilemma to your sales manager Hank, and he understood the gravity of my situation and treated me as if I were a long term customer. He drove to my property and arranged with the owner Tommy, to come right out and fill my two oil tanks. After he contacted the service department , within an hour a technician was arriving at my door and they made sure there were no frozen pipes, as it had been a very cold week, as well as confirm everything was operating properly. The whole process was very professional, and pleasant. Having a business that cares about their customers and deals with each client with care and attentiveness is rarely found these days. I recommend T.H. Malloy & Sons to anyone looking to be treated and respected as a person fairly, and not just another account number to add to the company books."
Rob L. - Woonsocket, RI
Since 1935

Complete Heating Service

We are happy to help you with all your home heating needs.

We offer full-service, installation, budget plans, price protection plans, and competitive fuel pricing.

We also offer on-site diesel fuel deliveries in bulk loads or wheel-to-wheel service.
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We are proud to use and distribute Newport Biodiesel

Green Solutions

Manufactured from local recycled restaurant cooking oil, by Newport Biodiesel. Newport Biodiesel uses underutilized restaurant oil that we already have here in the Ocean State.
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Our Latest News

By Karin Fleming 10 Jan, 2018

If you’re like most people, you don’t think about your heating or air conditioning unit until it breaks down.  Fortunately, we can give you a run-down of repairs and maintenance you can do yourself, and when it’s time to pick up the phone and call a HVAC professional.  

You can do it!  

  • Filter: Whether your HVAC system is oil-fired boiler or a heat pump, chances are it uses some form of a filter.  Keep these filters clean and clear. Why recirculate dust?  

  • Thermostat:  It’s freezing out and your house is just not getting warm.  This is often when a homeowner’s first instinct is to call an HVAC professional.  However, sometimes all you need to do is make sure your thermostat is calibrated.  Over time, this instruments can get out of tune, so stay on top of it.  

  • Pick up an inexpensive thermometer and see if it matches the temperature showing on your HVAC thermostat.  If not, time to reset the thermostat according to your HVAC manufacturer's instructions. This should do the trick.

  • Lubricate the blower:  Many furnaces contain a blower, this blower is a great instrument as it is a good way to make sure you have efficient heating all winter.  It’s possible that the blower’s motor may need to be taken apart and lubricated.  This may very well be easier than it sounds, if you have done this in the past, go for it.  If not, call the HVAC guy. 

Call the Pros!

  • Annual Maintenance:  Just like we all manage to do once-a- year physicals, think of this as a way of extending your unit’s life.  Let the pros figure out a minor problem before it develops into a serious issue.  

  • AC Issues: If there is anything worse than freezing in the winter, it has to be melting from summer heat because of a faulty air conditioner.  It is possible that all you need to do is reset it and check the circuit breaker.  If it doesn’t work, call the pros.  

A problem solved early in the game is almost always less expensive in the long run and often saves the unit itself.  While filters and resetting the unit have its place, when in doubt call the pros.  T.H.Malloy  offers full-service home heating, and on-and off-road diesel/biodiesel deliveries for transportation. We are proud to be Rhode Island's leading biodiesel distributor and consumer.  Call us (401) 333-0665.  


By Karin Fleming 28 Dec, 2017

The Malloy family has been in service since 1935, so we know a thing or two about the heating business. We’re proud to serve Rhode Island and Southern Massachusetts, and when it comes to heating your home, we want to be the first people you call.

A Full-Service Heating Company

T.H. Malloy & Sons is proud to offer conventional heating fuel, BioHeat, B20 BioHeat as well as B100. We offer automatic and “will call” deliveries, budgets, and cap pricing, all for your convenience. We also offer service contracts and 24-hour service. If you’re in need of heating and air conditioning services or installations, our team of experienced professionals can help with any brand or model. We sell energy efficient products in order to help you save more money while heating and cooling your home or business. We can also provide hydro air, radiant heating, and high efficiency domestic hot water installation.

Home Bio-Heat B20 Fuels

Our BioHeat is a blend of #2 heating oil and locally produced Biodiesel. BioHeat requires no modifications, and is safer, cleaner, more complete and energy efficient burn. Along with being a renewable energy source that reduces toxic emissions, it is biodegradable, and suitable for sensitive environments. Another great aspect of BioHeat is that it may actually prolong the life of your equipment, and reduce periodic maintenance intervals. The performance and properties of BioHeat are the same as your current fuel, and maintenance is standard.

Air Conditioning Services

Along with being a leader in the heating business, we’re also experienced when it comes to air conditioning services. If you’re in need of a new system, let the professionals at T.H. Malloy & Sons help you design the perfect system for your home. We can evaluate your home and specific needs, and even carry energy efficient models to help you save money year round.

When it comes to heating needs, and you’re in the Rhode Island or Southern Massachusetts area, think T.H. Malloy & Sons. We can help you find the perfect solution, whether it’s for your home or business. Our competitive pricing ensures you get a great price! Give us a call today at 401-333-0665, or visit our  website  for more information about the services we offer.

By Karin Fleming 04 Dec, 2017

Power and energy is what fuels our homes, our kitchens, our entertainment, and safety precautions for our homes and businesses! Stay safe and let the fun continue by considering installing a Generac generator! All of those DIY projects and beautiful Christmas lights need power. Let the happiness shine brightly this year with Generac, and here’s why!

Benefits of Generac Generators for Home Owners

Why wait until your next power outage to install your home backup power! It works automatically. So,  whether you’re home or at work,   the power will always be ready for you and any power outages.The power goes straight to your home’s electric panel, as well. Your families need power to maintain their daily life. Keep your kids comfortable and choose a Generac Generator.

  • The backup generator will always be working on natural gas or LP fuel supplies.
  • The natural gas has already been established in your generator, so you don't have to worry about fueling it with gas.
  • Produces power straight to your electrical system.

Benefits of Generac Generators for Business Owners

Generac has a wide variety of backup power units for  industrial and business services .  We can power a wide range of products including large industrial sized units. There’s a wide variety of unique options that you can choose from that will best suite your businesses or industrial needs.

  • Fully automatic transfer switches.
  • Multiple accessories to choose from.
  • Generator designs for commercial and industrial sized applications.
  • Multi-megawatt capacities.
  • State-of-the-art tools.

Generac generators will always be ready to power even the most complex of systems. Back up generators will always be ready to back up your system and keep your business going. Industrial businesses need unique products for their facilities and to meet their company's overall goals. Choose a Generac generator today at T.H. Molloy & Sons. Let us install your power unit to achieve your goals! The Malloy family has been in the fuel business since 1935, always providing a personal and reliable touch in the Rhode Island and Southern Massachusetts area. For more information about  T.H. Molloy & Sons, visit our website at or give us a call at 401-333-0665.
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