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We are proud to use and distribute Newport Biodiesel

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Manufactured from local recycled restaurant cooking oil, by Newport Biodiesel. Newport Biodiesel uses underutilized restaurant oil that we already have here in the Ocean State.

Using local, recycled oil means less dependence on unstable foreign energy sources. And less need to convert our food crops to fuel crops or our forests to farmland.
Approved by the US Department of Transportation. ASTM CERTIFIED.

Malloy biodiesel blends can be used in any diesel engine without any modifications, and with its greater lubricating qualities it can improve engine performance.

Biodiesel can be used in homes, buses, pick-up trucks, heavy trucks, machinery, passenger cars and marine use.
As a local product, RI-made Biodiesel creates more jobs for Rhode Islanders and supports local family-owned businesses.

It is also a cost-effective fuel. And, as a cleaner burning fuel, it cuts down carbon emissions and other pollutants.

We pledge not to use food crops for fuel crops.
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